Conference on Economic Design of SED

2019 Conference on Economic Design: Budapest, Hungary, June 12-14, 2019

The Scope:

The conference welcomes paper submissions from many different fields such as economics, business, finance, politics, computer science, operations research, law, history relevant to mechanism or institution design in a broad sense, regardless of whether contributions are theoretical, empirical, experimental, historical or practical. Subjects include but are not limited to auctions, matching, school choice, college admission, organ exchange, decentralised markets, random market mechanisms, voting, social choice, taxation, tax reform, coalition formation, price formation, ranking and scoring, measurements of power and influence, contest, fair division, contract, bargaining, negotiation, market design implementation, pricing on electricity, pricing on public utilities, pricing on cloud computing services, online allocation mechanisms, online auctions, market design experiments, public goods experiments, behavioural mechanism design, information and incentive, digital sport market for labour, market design in transportation sector, institution and organisation, health care, health policy, health insurance, pension scheme, fiscal policy, monetary policy, growth and development, performance evaluation, arbitration, patent design, governance, refugee assignment, robust mechanism design, matching in dynamic environments, rationality and irrationality in market design, etc.


The Keynote Speakers are:

Leonid-Hurwicz Lecture: Philippe Jehiel (Paris School of Economics)

Murat Sertel Lecture: Bhaskar Dutta (University of Warwick)

Paul Kleindorfer Lecture: Bumin Yenmez (Boston College)


Important Dates:

Paper Submission Opens: 19-Nov-2018

Paper Submission Deadline: 18-Feb-2019

Notification of Accepted Papers: 1-Mar-2019

Registration Opens: 10-Mar-2019

Early Registration Deadline: 22-Apr-2019

Registration Deadline: 20-May-2019


Conference Fees:

Regular participants: 350EUR until 22-Apr-2019 and 400EUR after 22-Apr-2019.

Student participants: 200EUR until 22-Apr-2019 and 250EUR after 22-Apr-2019.

(Fees include a gala dinner on a boat on the Danube, 3 lunches, coffees, and the membership of the Society for Economic Design. Those who are already members of the Society should pay 35EUR less if regular members, and 17EUR less if students.)

Spouse participants:  100EUR until 20-May-2019 (Fees include a gala dinner and social events.)


Paper Submission:

We start to accept paper submissions from 19th November 2018 until 18th February 2019 through Easychair.


Programme Committee:

Chair: Lars Ehlers (Université de Montréal)

PC members from Montréal: Deniz Dizdar and Sean Horan (Université de Montréal), Dip Majumdar and Szilvia Papai (Concordia)

PC members from Budapest: Ata Atay, Péter Biró, and Ágnes Cseh (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Attila Tasnádi and Tamás Solymosi (Corvinus University of Budapest)


Local Organisers:

Péter Biró (Hungarian Academy of Science, Institute of Economics)

and the members of the Mechanism Design research group

contact address:


Summer School:

On the Engineering Aspects of Economic Design: Voting and Matching on 10-11 June. Corfirmed speakers so far on voting: Markus Brill, Sylvain Bouveret and Piotr Faliszewski; and on matchings: John P. Dickerson, Victor Hiller, David Manlove, Ana Viana, and Bumin Yenmez .



The venue of the conference is Corvinus University of Budapest, main building. Address: 1093, Fővám tér 8.



We recommend the following hotels (each within 5 mins walking distance):


Co-located events of the ENCKEP COST Action

The second Working Group of ENCKEP (European Network for Collaboration on
Kidney Exchange Programmes) COST Action will have the following co-located
events in Budapest.

– Workshop: 10 June, internal for ENCKEP members
– Training School: 11 June, five tutorials within the CED summer school
– Conference: 12 June, embedded sessions in CED

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