Internship allocation in CEMS projects (2016-)

Kolos Ágoston and Péter Biró have developed a matching mechanism based on IP techniques for allocating students to company projects at Corvinus University of Budapest, as part of the CEMS network (, coordinated in Budapest by Richárd Szántó. We also assisted in the matching for University of Cologne in April 2018. Our programmers, Dávid Burka and Ádám Halassy, have developed a web-application to facilitate the run of this application for other CEMS universities as well in 2018/2019. This application with two-sided preferences admits a number of distributional requirements on the sizes of teams, and on their compositions with regard to the foreign students and gender-balance, making the underlying matching problem challenging to solve.

Related scientific publications:

K.Cs. Ágoston, P. Biró and R Szántó, Stable project allocation under distributional constraints. Operations Research Perspectives 5 (2018) pp:59-68

The web-application is described here