News archive 2016

  • December 14-15: We organized the workshops 100 Years of Matching Theory in Hungary and The 12th Workshop on Matching in Practice
  • December 14: Ágnes Cseh was awarded the Géza Grünwald Commemorative Prize for young researchers
  • November 21-22: We organized the Workshop on Future Directions in Computational Social Choice
  • Novermber 21: Péter Biró gave a talk at the Hungarian TV Channel, M5, at scientific show “Mindenki Akadémiája” with title Matching theory.
  • November: Jannik Matuschke visited the group for a week
  • November: The paper ‘Matchings with Lower Quotas: Algorithms and Complexity’ by Arulselvan, Cseh, Groß, Manlove and Matuschke was accepted in Algorithmica.
  • November: Ágnes Cseh translated the groundbreaking 1916 paper of Dénes Kőnig ‘On graphs and their application to determinant and set theory’ into English
  • November 8: Ágnes Cseh gave a seminar talk at BUTE
  • October 6: Ágnes Cseh was awarded the Klaus Tschira Award
  • October: Ágnes Cseh visited the University of Bergen for a week due to the invitation of Saket Saurabh
  • October 1: The paper Integer programming methods for special college admissions problems’ of Ágoston, Biró and McBride was accepted at the Journal of Combinatorial Optimization
  • September 29. Ágnes Cseh gave a seminar talk at the Corvinus University of Budapest
  • September 19-21: Ágnes Cseh gave a talk at SAGT in Liverpoolban
  • September 7: Péter Biró started his course on Market Design at the Corvinus University of Budapest
  • September 2: the new COST Action on European Network for Collaboration on Kidney Exchange Programmes was launched, with Péter Biró as one of the working group leaders
  • September 1: Ágnes Cseh joined the group
  • July 1: the group Mechanism Design was formed

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