1. Researchers by the HAS Momentum programme



Péter Bíró

Head of research group

Personal website email:
CV download (pdf) tel:      +36 309505368






Ágnes Cseh

postdoctoral researcher

Personal website email:
CV download (pdf) tell: +36308164253





2. Researchers with personal grants



Ata Atay

Research fellow

Personal website email:
CV download (pdf) tel: +36 30 863 5931



Zsuzsanna Jankó

Research fellow
CV download (pdf) email:





3. Part-time researchers in the HAS Cooperation of Excellences Project

– senior researchers: Kolos Ágoston, Tamás Fleiner, Tamás Solymosi
– PhD students: Márton Gyetvai, Richárd Palincza
– web administrator: Katalin Üveges

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