Péter Biró

Péter Biró graduated as a matematician from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (2003) and received his PhD in mathematics and computer science from the same institute (2007). In the meantime he studied economics at the Corvinus University of Budapest, where he specialised in EU studies (2007). His research interest lies in the fields of cooperative game theory, algorithmic mechanism design and matching theory in particular. Before joining the game theory research group of the Institute of Economics in October 2010 he worked as a postdoc researcher at the University of Glasgow for three and a half years. He was a visiting professor at the Economics Department in Stanford University for a year in 2014, invited be Al Roth. In July 2016 he started a research group on Market Design, sponsored by the Momentum Grant of the Academy. Besides the theoretical research, he has been involved in several applications, such as the UK kidney exchange program, the Scottish resident allocation scheme and the Hungarian higher education matching scheme. You can find further information about these and other applications in the online collection, that he updates regularly. For the latest updates on his research, see his research website. Short Bio