Workshop on Future Directions in Computational Social Choice

This workshop on 21-22 November 2016 is organised by COST Action IC1205 on Computational Social Choice as the final event of this European research network. It will showcase some of the results obtained during the four years in which the Action has been active and it will offer a glimpse at future research directions in the field. The programme will consist of invited talks, an open poster session, and a rump session. Registration is free of charge.


Péter Biró (Budapest), Ágnes Cseh (Budapest) and Ulle Endriss (Amsterdam)

Invited speakers

* Simina Brânzei (Jerusalem)
* Markus Brill (TU Berlin)
* László Csató (Budapest)
* Ágnes Cseh (Budapest)
* Andreas Darmann (Graz)
* Ronald de Haan (Vienna)
* Zsuzsanna Jankó (Budapest)
* Svetlana Obraztsova (Jerusalem)
* Jan Christoph Schlegel (Lausanne)
* Piotr Skowron (Oxford)
* Marija Slavkovik (Bergen)
* Balázs Sziklai (Budapest)

Participants, programme, local details

See the list of participants, local details and programme  here.

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See the abstracts here.

Monday, 21 November, in room Jakobinus

9:00-9:30 Registration

9:30-11:00 Session 1:

Ágnes Cseh: Popular Matchings

Markus Brill: Approval Voting, Representation, and Liquid Democracy

11:00-11:30 coffee break

11:30-13:00 Session 2:

Svetlana Obraztsova: Voting Games: Trembling Hand Equilibria

Balázs Sziklai: Group Identification in Online Communities

13:00-14:30 lunch break

14:30-15:30 poster session

15:30-16:00 coffee break

16:00-17:30 Session 3:

Marija Slavkovik: Extending Judgment Aggregation

Ronald de Haan: Going Beyond the Traditional Complexity Analysis


Tuesday, 22 November, in room Erzsébet

9:30-11:00 Session 4:

Zsuzsanna Jankó: Various Stable Matching Concepts

Jan Christop Schlegel: Some Properties of Ex-ante Stable Lotteries

11:00-11:30 coffee break

11:30-13:00 Session 5:

László Csató: Two Applications of Axiomatic Ranking

Piotr Skowron: Multiwinner Election Rules: Axioms and Applications

13:00-14:30 lunch break

14:30-15:30 rump session

15:30-16:00 coffee break

16:00-17:30 Session 6:

Andreas Darmann: Ordinal Group Activity Selection

Simina Brânzei: Nash Social Welfare Approximation for Strategic Agents (cancelled)

Poster Session

The following people all presented posters at the workshop: Sirin Botan(Amsterdam), Weiwei Chen(Amsterdam & Guangzhou), Gal Cohensius(Technion), Lihi Dery (Ariel), Edith Elkind (Oxford), José Luis García-Lapresta (Universidad de Valladolid), Ayumi Igarashi (Oxford), Martin Lackner (Oxford), Arianna Novaro (Toulouse), Dominik Peters (Oxford), Christian Saile (Munich), Krzysztof Sornat (Wroclaw), and Zoi Terzoploulou (Amsterdam).

Rump session

The following people all presented 5-minute talks at the rump session:

Sjur Didrik Flam (Bergen), Marina Bannikova (Girona), Katarína

Cechlárová (Kosice), Lihi Dery (Ariel), Jan Christoph Schlegel (Lausanne),

Martin Lackner (Oxford), Dóra Petróczy (Budapest), Gal Cohensius (Technion),

Edith Elkind (Oxford), Ildi Schlotter (Budapest), and Zsuzsanna Jankó (Budapest).


Registration is free of charge. Please register by sending the following details to by 7 November.




period of stay:

food restrictions:


THE VENUE HAS CHANGED! The workshop will take place in the lecture rooms of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences at Országház u. 30, Budapest 1014.


The workshop is organised and partly financed by COST Action IC1205 on Computational Social Choice. Additional financial support received from the Mechanism Design research group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Institute for Political Science of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation at the University of Amsterdam is gratefully acknowledged.

100 years of matching theory in Hungary

The Hungarian Academy of Science and Eötvös Loránd University jointly organize the workshop

“100 years of matching theory in Hungary”
to celebrate the seminal work of Dénes Kőnig and numerous other results in the field since then. The remit of the workshop is to explore the history, development and future directions of diverse matching problems occurring in discrete mathematics, combinatorial optimization, game theory and economics.

The program features a lecture on the history of matching theory, plenary talks on recent developments in important chapters and presentations on several real-world applications. Thus a key objective is to bring together established and young researchers of the related areas, in- and outside of Hungary.

The workshop is co-organized with the 12th Matching in Practice workshop, featuring keynote speaker Utku Ünver from Boston College.

Further information on this event can be at the ELTE website:

12th Workshop on Matching in Practice


The Matching in Practice network will have the next meeting in Budapest on 15 December. The event is free of charge for all participants, but registration is required, see the details below.

Scientific organisers

Péter Biró (Budapest, local organiser), Francis Bloch (Paris) and Yinghua He (Toulouse)

Plenary speaker

Utku Ünver (Boston College)


8:30-9:00 registration

9:00-10:00 Utku Ünver (Boston College): Efficient and Incentive Compatible Liver Exchange

10:00-10:30 coffee break

10:30-11:10 T. Mennle (University of Zurich): First Choice-Maximizing School Choice Mechanisms

11:10-11:50 M.O. Afacan (Sabanci University, Turkey): School Choice with Voucher

11:50-12:30 R. Hakimov (WZB Berlin): Iterative Versus Standard Deferred Acceptance: Experimental Evidence

12:30-14:00 lunch break

14:00-14:40 A.S. Nesterov (HSE, St. Petersburg): Testing different cardinal matching mechanisms in the field

14:40-15:00 Zoltán Hermann (Hungarian Academy of Sciences): Hungarian secondary school and higher education admissions data in the Databank

15:00-16:00 roundtable talk on course allocation with Estelle Cantillon (Brussels) and Utku Unver (Boston)

16:00-16:30 coffee break

16:30-17:10 X. Hu (University of Southampton): Team Formation as an Incentive Device

17:10-17:50 Inacio Bo (WZB Berlin): Assignment Maximization

17:50-18:30 A. Teytelboym (University of Oxford): Refugee resettlement

Registration (closed)

The programme, list of registered participants and further details can be found here.


The workshop will be held in the main building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, room ‘Kisterem’. Address: Budapest, Széchenyi István tér 9, 1051.


The recommended hotel is Hotel Zenit, (it is in the city centre, 5 mins walk from the venue, nearby a nice Christmas market at Vörösmarty tér). You can either book rooms directly through their website or through

Co-organised event

100 years of Matching Theory in Hungary, workshop held on 14 December.

2017 Conference on Economic Design: York, United Kingdom, June 14-16, 2017

The conference welcomes paper submissions from many different fields such as economics, business, finance, politics, computer science, operations research, law, history relevant to mechanism or institution design in a broad sense, regardless of whether contributions are theoretical, empirical, experimental, historical or practical.